The corporate wellness market is growing rapidly. We have seen many companies develop or expand on-site employee wellness centers. Our self-service health stations give employees the tools to help them monitor their health, empowering themselves to take better control of their health. Employers are finding that investing in corporate wellness programs increases value for employees and for the company.

Our health stations will:

  • Increase awareness of hypertension, obesity, and overweight as health and productivity risks
  • Provide convenient tools for workers to monitor blood pressure and weight while they are at work
  • Enable workers to transfer their measurements into health risk assessments and personal health records
  • Support health and wellness programs
  • Provide motivation to reduce health risks
  • Can be located in convenient, high-traffic locations
  • Promote awareness of health and wellness programs
  • Provide visible evidence of an organization’s commitment to a culture of health
  • Enable employers to manage health and wellness programs which are effective in reducing the health risks of their workers.

Self-testing workplace health stations are a convenient and effective tool for reducing health and productivity risks due to hypertension and obesity.