Wegmans makes lifeclinic 500 health stations available to patients


» Welcome

Welcome to New York Blood Pressure. The largest dealer of self-service automated health stations and blood pressure monitors throughout the USA.

» About Us

In business for over 25 years, our company leases and sells a complete line of self-attended, automated health monitoring stations and information systems. We specialize in providing comprehensive and individually directed health programs for industry, hospitals, financial institutions, pharmacies, long term care facilities, retirement communities, military facilities, and governmental agencies.


» Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage healthy lifestyles, create healthier workplaces and environments, promote optimal workplace productivity and assist in controlling company health care cost. Our integrated health solutions are designed to help motivate employees, create positive employee behavior and help reduce the cost associated with medical care.

Our automated health stations incorporate many features including blood pressure and heart rate monitoring, as well as the monitoring of overall body fat and weight.

» How it Works

As a standalone solution, or as a complement to onsite health screenings or health fairs, our health stations can provide any customer or employee with his/her biometric status and motivate them to take action.

» Create Awareness and Promote a Culture of Health

Creating a culture of health does not happen overnight. It takes a variety of tools and resources working together to encourage health at the workplace or in the community.

Our health stations will help promote a healthy culture by creating awareness and insight into key health metrics for individuals and groups, helping them to stay on-track with their health goals.